Cigarplus Condensate Flashing System

Cigar plus designed by IPROINDIA is a multi chambered energy efficient condensate flashing system equipped with automation for level control.

The basic principle is to recover the heat from the condensate coming out from the heaters, evaporators and pans. The heat in the condensate is flashed in the Cigar plus and sent to the respective effect of the evaporator which reduces the requirement of exhaust steam at the evaporation plant and thus achieves a remarkable steam economy.


  • Energy efficient as flash vapors are used to save the equivalent amount of exhaust steam
  • Elimination of extra condensate tanks and pumps due to centralized condensate recovery system

Key design features

  • Robust design
  • Level control with control valves
  • Effective separation of flash vapor from condensate
  • No hammering because of special design of the system
  • Designed according to ASME standard
  • Fully automated