DCHplus Direct Contact Heaters

Direct contact heaters DCH plus offered by IPROINDIA come with the latest design to better suit process requirements. No cleaning is required abolishing the necessity of standby heaters and cleaning expenses are saved. The heaters are delivered with external entrainment separator as added safety measure to avoid juice carryover to the condensate system as well as sugar losses. IPROINDIA offers DCH plus for various applications.

  • Raw juice
  • Scalding juice
  • Clear juice
  • Sulphited/defecated juice
  • Molasses conditioning
  • Melt Heating


  • Low temperature approach of 0.5 – 2 K
  • Operates with lower pressure vapors
  • No cleaning required in running season
  • Less piping requirement
  • Simple design and easy operation
  • Constant performance
  • Low cost, easy to integrate with low space demand

Key design features

  • Robust design with rib supported body
  • High load flexibility with minimum performance change
  • Designed according to ASME standard
  • Complete SS 304 construction
  • Long operational life
  • Lifting lugs for easy installation and handling during erection
  • Fully automated