Panplus Automation System

Automation Control System for Batch and Continuous Pans

The Pan plus automation system is an innovative offering to optimize the pan process. As pans are the major consumers of steam/vapour in the sugar plant, optimization of the pan station gives high savings of energy.


The system handles the whole strike from evacuation to discharge fully automatic leaving no space for any operational flaw due to human error. It also shortens the overall pan cycle time.


The Pan plus system keeps the crystallization process stable throughout the strike to minimize false grain formation preventing especially unrequired water for crystal hardening performed for manual strikes. Water addition to the pans can cause 2 – 20% more exhaust steam requirement.


During manual operation finding the right seeding point is one of the critical issues in the pan process. With the Pan plus system the seeding is done on the basis of the supersaturation calculation and the seed quantity can be adjusted to grow a specific size of crystals.


The system is based on a SCADA control system with hot redundancy for all the controls. World’s best available technologies are used for the measurement of the process parameters.


With the Pan plus system mills are able to save a 2 – 3 t water per hour in one pan which makes the return on investment very fast.